Frequently Asked Questions & Privacy Policy

Is it free ?

Yes, you can download it from the Android market place and use it in a limited manner for free.

The ‘premium’ features require you to purchase an in-app-subscription (£1/month). You can cancel the subscription at any time. 

Purchasing the subscription unlocks –

  • Widget support
  • Contact Sync with the Android People App
  • Creation/Editing of Invoices / Receipts
  • Creation/Editing of new suppliers
  • Creation/Editing of new customers
  • Creation/Editing of Bank transactions

Can I run it on Android 2.3 ?

Yes. Kashdroid requires 2.3 (GingerBread) or above. (Android API Level 9)

What about security ?

The app uses’s secure API, which works over SSL.

It does not talk to Pale Purple or any other third parties – except for use of Google analytics (which you can turn off in the Settings, should you so wish).

Google analytics is there to help us understand how people are using the app – i.e. which bits are popular.

In order to talk to, you have to enable API access from within your Kashflow account settings page before the app can work.

I was using Kashdroid and it crashed!

Please click the ‘Report’ button if you see the crash dialog. The app may also write error logs at  /sdcard/Kashdroid/errors – you may need to install a File browser app (like Astro) to find these. If you could email these files to us, they would be most appreciated.

What if I have questions/suggestions ?

Contact us!

Privacy Policy

As a short summary – we respect your privacy and do not have access to any personal or identifying information from the app’s users – except what Google Play services makes available to us (subscriber email address, device information and payment amount).

Connection Security

The Kashdroid app communicates directly with Kashflow’s API (see, when logged in to Kashflow to enable/disable this).

The security of this connection is reliant on and your local device. The connection is made over HTTPS using industry standard encryption.

Authentication and Passwords

The Kashdroid app performs authentication using Kashflow’s API.

So, if you change your API password within Kashflow, you’ll need to re-authenticate within the app.

Only devices you authorise (through using the app) and have access to your information.

Data Transmission

The app does not transmit any data to Pale Purple or any other third parties (except: the above mentioned Google Analytics).

Data Access / Control

Pale Purple does does not have access to your login information, company details or any other identifying information (except possibly if it’s submitted by you in an Android bug report, which you’re able to check before submission).

Subscriptions and Payment Details

Pale Purple does not directly handle your subscription to the app, or any payment information you provide to pay for the subscription – these are all handled by Google’s Play Store.

Google make your email address, subscription date and subscription amount available to us through standard reporting functionality.

Last updated: Feb 2017.