A note about the subscription / in-app purchase

In release 1.214, we clarified the text around the in-app-purchase.

As noted earlier, we’ve moved over to using the Google Subscriptions API. This was for two reasons:

  1. We’d always wanted to use the Subscription API, as a one off purchase isn’t going to support the app in the long term. Unfortunately when we released the app, Google had not released/published the API, so we implemented a workaround whereby you would purchase an in-app addon which the device would consume that add-on 6 months after purchase, however ….
  2. A number of users reported that they’d purchased the add-on and then found at a later date that they no longer had the add-on features.

Unfortunately, the text in the initial versions of the app wasn’t consistent, and may have given the impression that you were purchasing a one-off upgrade. The text for the actual Google Checkout purchase was correct, but we’d been inconsistent within the app (and this website) in using ‘In App Purchase’ (which is generally taken to mean a one-off-purchase). This inconsistency should now be fixed.

Anyone who does encounter the ‘early consumption’ of original in-app-addon will be refunded by us, once they purchase a subscription. Our apologies for the inconvenience.