Monthly Archives: February 2013

KashDroid 1.1 – More secure with IP address restrictions

This update to KashDroid brings the security enhancements of KashFlow’s IP address restrictions. This allows you to block any mobile device that uses an IP that is not in your access list. Previously, KashDroid required that you disable this setting, but now you can re-enable it.

To enable this feature:

  1. Go to your KashFlow API address list settings – (, check the ‘Enable AutoAuth’ box 
  2. Copy the AutoAuth Key (similar to 012345AB-AB01) into Kashdroid’s settings entry under the name ‘Change AutoAuth Key’.
  3. You can now tick the Restrict Access checkbox in KashFlow’s settings ( .

If you have not added an account yet, you will be prompted for an AutoAuth key when adding your account.

If the code is correct, KashDroid will attempt to authenticate its current IP address if it encounters an error from KashFlow indicating that the current IP address is not yet authorised. This is seamless to the user. If the AutoAuth key is not correct (or not yet entered), the user is alerted and prompted to enter it.

It is advised to remove entries from the IP address whitelist as you stop using KashDroid from that location. This increases the security on your account.

This update also brings further UI refinements, such as making text the same size and same spacing, removing repeated headers on fragments, and reducing button clicks.

KashDroid update – Refined UI, Attachment improvements

KashDroid 1.09 is about to go live, and with it, some new UI changes will come into effect.

The first of these changes is the reduction of buttons in the invoice/receipt item in the single pane view. Previously there were two buttons. One for adding an attachment, and one that revealed an expanding menu containing ‘More details’ and ‘Delete’.


There is now only one button, and it takes you directly to the details page for the invoice/recipt


The details page has also been refined. Previously, on clicking the edit button, the ActionBar would change to an edit more, and contain the menu items that allowed you to change the customer, change the data, add a new item, and add a new payment. On smaller screen widths some of these actions are moved into the overflow. This caused some confusion.


Now, beneath the lines and payment lists there is a button to add a new item and to add a new payment. It also provides some space for additional information, such as getting payments progress.


This increases the number of buttons, but puts the most useful actions right at the users fingertips.

An attachments section has also been added underneath the payments section.

In this build there was also some fixes for uploading attachments.

  1. When adding an attachment, KashDroid uses Android’s intents to start a file picker application. Some file picker applications respond differently, and this was not accounted for previously. Now KashDroid will interact with a wider variety of file pickers (e.g. Gallery or Dropbox)
  2. When taking a photo directly (rather than browsing for the photo file) the image was saved in a specific location. However, if the file location was not available, the camera application would hang, and not return successfully to KashDroid.