Kashdroid – Kashflow.com for Android users.

Kashdroid is an unofficial client for Kashflow, allowing you to access your Kashflow.com account natively on nearly any Android device.

This app communicates securely (over SSL) with Kashflow.com using their published API.

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  • Multiple account support
  • Optimised layouts for Tablet and Phone form factors
  • Fast – caching of data locally ensures responsiveness
  • Excellent Offline support – data is cached locally, so the app is usable if no network connection exists
  • Address book sync – access your Kashflow contacts on your phone **
  • Receipts – creation and viewing with full attachment support – allowing you to take a photo of a receipt and upload it into Kashflow, along with viewing those already there.
  • Widget support giving you a quick overview on your launch screen **
  • Invoice, receipt, customer, supplier creation and editing – even when offline/without network connection **
  • View/edit supplier and customer details along with associated receipts and invoices
  • Send invoices via email, using the same template tokens as Kashflow.com
  • Supports portrait/landscape rotation and different sized devices (tablet and phone optimised layouts)
  • Graphical reports of income/net profit.

** – Requires in-app subscription (currently £1/month+VAT).

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Recent reviews

Some of the recent App store reviews have been really good - "So far so good.... I've only used it a few times but I found this app to be most useful if you use KashFlow to run your business' books. Great work!" "Brilliant App!! So easy a chimp could understand ." To help people evaluate the app, the premium subscription is now free for the first 7 days (Google Play provides a 'trial peri...

VAT support

As of release 1.31, Kashdroid supports VAT in that you can specify different VAT rates on invoice items. This requires VAT to be turned on within your Kashflow account. Additionally, you can see a summary of VAT amounts on invoices. Finally, in an unrelated area, we've tried to improve the linking between banking transaction items and the invoice/receipt they're linked against. Unfortuna...

Filtering bank transactions for a customer or supplier

Today we discovered something new about how KashFlow handles bank transactions, invoice/receipts, and advance payments. We thought that adding a payment to an invoice/receipt would create the bank transaction with the ID of the customer/supplier the invoice/receipt is for. Unfortunately, this is not the case. However, when creating a new bank transaction of type credit/debit control and linking...